Suprasorb C 6cm x 8cm x 0.8cm 20482

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Suprasorb C 6cm x 8cm x 0.8cm 20482 5  items


Suprasorb C is a native, absorbable collagen sponge which actively accelerates healing. Its pure, open-pore collagen enables it to treat wounds naturally to full effect: Suprasorb C forms a gel when it comes into contact with wound exudate, quickly and efficiently absorbing factors that inhibit wound healing for example, along with the wound fluid. Suprasorb C also supports physical haemostasis in the wound.
In each phase of the wound healing process Suprasorb C brings the wound into equilibrium. It binds to factors which inhibit wound healing, such as proteases, radicals and cytokines and protects growth factors which promote wound healing. This stimulates fibroblast migration for the formation of granulation tissue and promotes the regeneration of epidermal cells.
Suprasorb C’s 3-phase effect provides reliable treatment: in the exudation phase by cleansing the wound and optimising the wound environment, in the granulation phase by stimulating granulation tissue and in the epithelialization phase by accelerating re-epithelialization.
- actively accelerates wound healing
- binds factors which impede wound healing (e.g. proteases, radicals, cytokines)
- protects growth factors
- fast absorption of exudate through a distinct porous structure


wound cover for injuries with extensive superficial tissue damage, e.g.
- burns
- surgical tissue damage
- ulcers of various origin and wound cavities, in particular when stagnating wound conditions are found after treatment with other wound dressings


Dressing change interval:  The dressing change interval is determined by the treating physician based on wound condition, degree of exudate and secondary dressing, but after 5-7 days* at the latest.
* Moistening Suprasorb C lightly with physiological saline solution or Ringer's solution is recommended for lightly exuding wounds.

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